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Healing Hippie Organics

Handmade Therapeutic Essential Oil Remedies & Skin Care

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Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Anxiety Relief Blends

Our Zen It Collection, is famous for assisting everyday people with life's stress, anxiety and depression! Our Proprietary Blend of essential oils is now available in multiple sizes!

Zen It, is my life saver. It was born out of a chapter in my personal life where I was taking 12 pills for anxiety and stress daily. 

As a Mom, I could hardly focus, and felt as though I was missing out on my little one's Life!

Having had, at the time 15 years of research in health and wellness under my belt... I put my knowledge of Science and nature together, and Zen It was created!

Just 6 months after,  every day use with zen it; sometimes 12 times a day - LOL... I was able to stop taking all my anxiety meds!

Now today, 5 years later, I share my gifts of natural healing with you!

Thank you for trusting in Healing Hippie Organics, as part of your new life chapter!

Natasha ~ Healing Hippie Organics - Founder

Zen It  -  Stress & Anxiety Relief 

Blend : 8oz Bottle

Mist away a Bad Day with Zen it!  This fresh, uplifting Aromatherapy blend is made with 100% Therapeutic grade GC/MS tested essential oils, and is designed to reach the limbic region of your brain within 22 seconds!

Zen It, can be used to combat several Female, and Male issues! It's Primary focus is to assist with mental and emotional healing. Assisting with everyday stress and anxiousness.

 Zen It! Is perfect for your busy life!  It's got a warm, creamy aroma, with a hint of citrus zest! Very Calming and Grounding for those in need of connecting nervous energy to the Earth!

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Zen It! Stress & Anxiety Relief Blend : 8oz Bottle

Zen It!  Roller-ball with Hemp & Jojoba 

Our famous Zen It! in a mini, everyday travel size! Perfect for your purse or travel bag. It comes in a roll on, roller-ball applicator for easy use. Great for Adults, and Kids!!

We have combined our powerful Zen It recipe with Organic - cold pressed, hemp and jojoba, as a perfect carrier to not only absorb fast, but nourish your skin with B-Vitamins!

This mini packs a packs a powerhouse of 100% Therapeutic grade GC/MS tested essential oils, and is the equivalent of an 8oz Large Zen It mister blend!

Yes... It is powerful! :)

Learn about the benefits of Zen It Here

Zen It! Roller ball with Hemp & Jojoba - 10ml

Zen It Dropper - Stress & Anxiety Relief 

So many of our Zen It fans, asked if we had it available for your Bathing or Diffuser's in a concentrated form. We have delivered, and have this dropper option available.

It's a 100% Concentrate of undiluted, 100% Therapeutic Grade GC/MS Tested essential oils in our famous Zen It Blend! There are over 300 drops of Pure Zen It, in one 4 dram bottle!

It is a 4 dram, or 15 ml. in size, and will be sure to fill you bath experience of diffuser with hours of joy!

Learn about the benefits of Zen It here:

Zen It! Dropper 4 dram/15ml Undiluted : 350 Drops per Bottle

Zen It!  Concentrate - 15ml

A must have option! Our famous Zen It, in a concentrated, undiluted 15ml quantity. Make your own lotion, balms, or use in your diffuser! 

This is the quantity of three - 8oz Bottles of Zen It! This is a "Zenner's" Dream! If you have tried one or all of our Zen It products, this may be the perfect next step for you collection!

We have given the very best discount on this Zen It Concentrate, and hope you enjoy making your remedies as much as we do!

Learn more about the Benefits of Zen It here:

Zen It! Concentrate - 15ml : 350 drops per Bottle

What our customers are saying

 Zen it!! This little miracle worker helped me CALM DOWN and focus. Busted out a research proposal that I had been stressing about AND got rave reviews from my mentor in my topic and writing style. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. "

Michele Oldenburg‎  to  Healing Hippie Organics

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