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Healing Hippie Organics

Handmade Therapeutic Essential Oil Remedies & Skin Care

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Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Zen It!  Stress & Anxiety Relief Blend - 8oz Bottle

Mist away a Bad Day with Zen it! This fresh, uplifting Aromatherapy blend is made with 100% Therapeutic grade GC/MS tested essential oils, and is designed to reach the limbic region of your brain within 22 seconds!

Zen It, can be used to combat several Female, and Male issues! It's Primary focus is to assist with mental and emotional healing. Assisting with everyday stress and anxiousness. 

Zen It,  is perfect for your busy life! It's got a warm, creamy aroma, with a hint of citrus zest! Very Calming and Grounding for those in need of connecting nervous energy to the Earth!

Several Essential Oils, along with Cold Pressed Organic Aloe Vera, is hand Brewed to perfection with our custom Pink Himalayan Sole Brine.

A Fabulous selection for those working on Balancing their Chakra systems! It has been Synergized to Balance the natural rhythms of the body, and to bring harmony into your life!

Note: All Our Aromatherapy Mist Blends are Diffuser compatible!

Try It for:

Anxiety, Depression, Heart Palpitations, Hot Flashes, ADHD, Every day stress, Agitation, Headaches caused from Daily Overload, Melt away your worries, Balance, Calm, and restore the mind, Boost Dreary Emotions, Inspire Creativity, Self Worth, Peace, Joy, Relieve Scattered Thoughts, Promote focus and Clarity, Relaxation throughout your daily routine, Sleeplessness due to hormones, Balancing hormones, System support including, Respiratory & Muscle Tension, Stimulate your Mind, Overall Mood enhancer, Combats Fatique, Calms Emotions, Ease Nerve Tension, Mental Clarity, Stimulate Limbic Region of the brain, Relieve Nausea, Combat Negative Emotion, May Help to Reduce Blood Pressure!

Zen It! Stress & Anxiety Relief Blend: 8oz Bottle

How Too:

Use Zen It!

 Zen It is an Aromatherapy powerhouse and works fastest by inhalation.

1. Mist generously in to Air and Breath in, for a count of 10 seconds. 

(about 3 deep breathes through the nose)

2. Mist generously onto Blood Pressure Points: behind ears, throat, breast bone, wrists, inner elbows, stomach and feet if desired. 

3. Use Morning, afternoon, and night, or as often as you want to obtain maximum results due to stress and anxiousness. 

Zen It instructions, Healing Hippie Orgaincs, Boise, Idaho, USA